9-15 Feedback
  • Several of the definitions in the glossary have examples that are not actually examples for the word being defined. Someone should go through and correct these.
  • There are also several definitions that are completely missing examples and nonexamples.
  • In Hw1 Problem 14, if you get a sum greater than 7 when adding in $\mathbb{Z}_{7}$, you should show the subtraction. For example, $6+_74=10-7=3$.
  • In HW1 Problem 4, you should show work to justify your answers. Also, (a) is incorrect.
  • On many of the pages, periods are missing at the end of sentences. Don't forget your periods!
  • Nice use of red text on HW2 Problem 3!
  • When using sine and cosine in Latex, type [[$\sin \theta$]] so that the function name is upright ($\sin \theta$ versus $sin \theta$).
  • In the example for identity element, you want to show that $a*1=a$ and $1*a=a$. What you've stated just says that $1$ is a right identity element.
  • In HW1 Problem 1, when you are using induction, say that's what you are using. The case $n=0$ is your base case. By induction, you are able to say that there are $2\cdot 2^{k+1}$ subsets of a set with $k+1$ elements.
  • The example and nonexample for commutative could use a full sentence. What operation is or isn't commutative here? (Also, just because an operation is commutative on two given elements doesn't mean it's commutative on the entire set $S$.)
  • Please be careful not to take problems that have already been claimed on the To Do page.
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