9-2 Feedback

It will take some practice to get used to the wiki. Here are some initial observations.

  • All mathematics should be typed in latex. This includes set names and elements. For example, rather than writing x is in set S, you should have $x\in S$.
  • Make sure you link to your contributions in the contribution page. Since this is the first set of contributions, it's clear everything is new, but as we get going, it won't be as clear.
  • When you use a template to start a new page, you need to click on "Edit" when you are at the template, and copy what you see in the editing box. Then paste this into your new page so that your page has the correct formatting.

*Don't forget you can link to definitions or theorems when you use them. For example, a function is a relation

  • Make sure you write the statement of the homework problem, then Solution in bold text and then type your solution.
    • Problem 1: show how you got your answer and fix formatting.
    • Problem 3(c) has a typo
    • Problem 8 has several typos (missing $i$)
  • Definitions: Make sure your definitions are complete and correct. You don't need to add definitions for things that you've used frequently in other courses.
    • For a complex number, $z=a+bi$, $|a+bi|$ is called the modulus of $z$, not the absolute value.
    • In the equivalence relation, type [[$x\mathcal{R}y$]] to get the fancy R to describe the relation: $x\mathcal{R}y$, this defn is also incomplete. Make sure mathematics is in latex.
    • The non-example under relation appears to be an example, also correct the formatting
    • function - the informal definition needs adjusted grammatically, use [[$\in$]]: $\in$ instead of $\epsilon$ to say an element is in a set
    • Disjoint needs corrected formatting
    • onto see the comment for function; your "in" is backwards
    • Partition - check formatting
    • relation - check formatting
    • same cardinality - the examples are more appropriate for one-to-one and onto, not same cardinality
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