9-3 & 9-8 Feedback

9/3 – 9/8 Wiki Feedback

  • The example under Roots of Unity isn’t an example for roots of unity; it’s an example of modular arithmetic
  • The definition of roots of unity is missing a right parentheses on the fourth line. Also, $|\zeta|$ is called the modulus of $\zeta$ instead of the absolute value. The comments about $|\zeta|$ would be better suited for the “Additional Comments” section of the definition page.
  • The word “modulo” in the glossary isn’t the best word to use. Someone should correct this to “addition modulo n”
  • In HW 1, problem 15, you need to use complete sentences. A series of equalities isn’t quite an explanation. For example, say “If $\zeta = e^{i(\pi/3)}$, then …”
  • The definition of reflexive is incorrect
  • In the example for onto, you should have parentheses around 1/5
  • HW2 #7, explain how you know the number of elements on and above the main diagonal
  • HW1, #4 can you provide a proof that $h$ is 1-1 and onto?
  • in the commutative operation glossary page, you should say what set the operations in the example, non-example are over
  • HW1 #3 is incomplete
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