Bingxin Song

I'm a Chinese exchange student from Jiaxing University and I will study here for about 9 months.My major is Mathematics for Normal Education in China.I do love education,so I spend lot of time in studying psychology and education and I got my own country's Psychological Consultant Certificate in Level 3 when I was a freshman.I believe it can help me become a good teacher who really understands student and helps them handle problems.And I'm so glad to be here to study more about math and education, and I hope I can add new elements into my future teaching and be different from traditional Chinese teachers.MWSU and my university make this exchange project and the dean of my college chose Abstract Algebra for me.So I think it is a compulsory course for me.I am honor to join you and study together!But I'm sorry that my English is still not well now,so I can't understand or follow what you discuss on many circumstances.I will try my best to improve my English and take participate in discussions and study.It's so nice to meet you all!
My favorite math equation is

\begin{align} f(x)=f(x_{0})+f'(x_{0})(x-x_0)+……+\frac{f^n(x_0)}{n!}(x-x_0)^n+R_n(x) \end{align}

.This is the equation in Taylor mean value theorem.Because it can represent many functions and show the approximate values.It's wonderful!

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