Common Latex Symbols

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Below are some LaTeX symbols that you may need for this class. Feel free to add to this list as you see necessary.

  • [[$\mathbb{R}, \mathbb{Z}, \mathbb{Q}$]] ->$\mathbb{R}, \mathbb{Z}, \mathbb{Q}$
  • [[$\{a,b,c\}$]] -> $\{a,b,c\}$
  • [[$A\cup B$]]-> $A\cup B$
  • [[$A\cap B$]] -> $A\cap B$
  • [[$\implies$]] -> $\implies$
  • [[$\bar{a}$]] -> $\bar{a}$
  • [[$a \sim b $]] -> $a \sim b$
  • [[$A\subseteq B, A \subset B$]] -> $A\subseteq B, A \subset B$
  • [[$x^{superscript}, x_{subscript}$]] -> $x^{superscript}, x_{subscript}$
  • [[$A\times B$]]-> $A\times B$
  • [[$S=\{a,b,c\}$]]->$S=\{a,b,c\}$
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