Dr McCune

I received my PhD in the area of Commutative Algebra from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2011. I then spent a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ashland University before coming to Missouri Western. I am excited to teach Abstract Algebra this semester as this was my favorite math course as an undergraduate. I enjoy structure and organization, and algebra is all about discovering the properties of different structures such as groups and rings. My PhD Thesis was in the area of Commutative Algebra, which is the study of commutative rings. I studied something called the Hilbert-Samuel polynomial, which has the form below.

\begin{align} P_{I,M}(n)=\sum_{i=0}^{d}(-1)^{i}e_{i}(I, M)\binom{n+d-i-1}{d-i} \end{align}

My husband, David McCune is a math professor at William Jewell College. This past April we welcomed our first child, a little girl named Annalise. We boldly took Annalise on a tour of seven national parks this summer. Most of our free time is devoted to entertaining Annalise, but when we have some free time I also enjoy playing board games. This summer my brother introduced me to Pandemic and Dominion and, as an Ohio native, I am always up for a game of Euchre.

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