Kerry Wittrock

I am a senior Math major graduating in December 2014. I am currently studying for actuarial exams, however I would like to find any job involving analysis. I enjoy problem solving and working with numbers. My favorite probability distribution is the exponential distribution because it can be used in either its cumulative or probability distribution form depending on which is easier for a given problem.

Cumulative Distribution Function: $F(x) = 1-e^{-\lambda x}$

Probability Distribution Function: $f'(x) = \lambda e^{-\lambda x}$

I enjoy spending time with family and friends in my free time, especially my boyfriend Hoai and his two daughters. Over the summer we went on a couple road trips which allowed me to bond more with his girls and the rest of his family. I also started learning Vietnamese to try and communicate better with his mother and his older relatives.

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