Siyu Guo
jay_chou_headshot.jpgHello everybody~I am an exchange student from China.I will stay at US for two semesters about nine months.My major is Mathematics in Finance in my university in China.The fundamental purpose I came to US is learning English,such as English in business,English in financial accounting and English in mathematics.Because I am a new comer,I have difficulty to adjusting to the life here especially language barrier.So if you want to make friend with me,please be patient to me:)I am so sorry about that but I will try my best to learn English!Everybody in MWSU is very friendly and nice to me and I love here.
My favorite math equation is René Descartes‘s love letter:(1)
\begin{align} r=a(1-\sin\theta) \end{align}

Because it has a romantic story and its graphic in rectangular coordinate planes is heart-shaped.

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