Taylor Fluharty

I graduated high school from the big town of Morrisville, Missouri and soon after moved 300 miles to St. Joseph to begin my undergraduate mathematics degree. I am excited to take Abstract Algebra this semester to become one step closer to teaching high school math and continuing my education in graduate school. I plan to study Psychometrics and ultimately work with intelligence testing and the reform of standardized testing in the U.S.

My family moved to McLeansville, NC this summer to fulfill their dreams of living in the birthplace of a rockstar. That isn't 100% true, but it makes for a good story. I traveled there many times this summer to spend time with my parents and 12-year old brother, Tommy.


When I'm not studying or serving the bar at Applebee's, you can usually find me watching Law & Order: SVU, hanging out with friends, or trying not to fall asleep.

My favorite math equation is Euler's Identity:

\begin{align} e^{i \pi\ } +1 = 0 \end{align}

because it is beautiful in its simplicity and leads to a higher level of math involving imaginary numbers. This identity was the first time in high school that I realized the world of mathematics was much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

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