Tiffani Hahn

I am majoring in Mathematics while obtaining prerequisites to go to pharmacy school. I am hoping to get into University of Arizona Pharmacy School and will be moving to Tucson in May after graduating in December. I was inspired by my brother to study medicine after seeing all of the medicines it took to keep him around for 12 years after a bone marrow transplant and just how easily a procedure could take that away. I am taking Abstract Algebra to improve the grade I received the first time and to improve my understanding as well as doing my Independent Research Project as my last two math classes. My favorite math deals with the Catalan numbers which is an equation dealing with the natural numbers in combinatorial math where the Catalan sequence is found numerous times.

\begin{align} \ C_n = \dfrac {1} {n+1}\left( \begin{matrix} 2n\\ 1\end{matrix} \right) = \dfrac {(2n)!} {(n+1)!n!} = \prod _{k=2}^{n} \dfrac {n+k} {k} \textrm{ for } n \geq 0 \end{align}
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