Wiki Grading Rubric

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You should keep the following point values in mind as a guideline as you contribute to the wiki:

  • Glossary:
    • Formal Definition – 3 points
    • Informal Definition – 3 points
    • Example – 3 points
    • Nonexample – 3 points
  • Theorems:
    • Statement only – 3 points
    • Statement and proof provided in the book or notes – 7 points
  • Homework problems – 10 points
  • Importance, timeliness, and accuracy of contributions – 6 points

You should aim to add an average of 20 – 30 points worth of contributions per week (not including importance, timeliness, and accuracy).

Remember that this is a class project, and it is important that everyone participate. Please be careful not to take problems that other students have already claimed. Similarly, you should try to contribute a balance of "easier" and "more difficult" edits.

Contributions should be completed by 12:30pm the next class day.

I reseve the right to make changes to this as necessary.

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